2017 A Single Grain of Rice

A single grain of rice, a thousand drops of sweat. A single grain of rice could become the hope of 800 million people in hunger; it could fill the expectations of 65 million refugees; it could be the starting point of environmental progress; it could also make the world focus more on agriculture and peace. 

We hope to gather every small power together into to stop this world crisis. Through No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition, we hope we could start from the culture and the arts, from the education, and from you to improve students’ sense of mission to take more responsibility for the whole world and society.

World Hunger: A Global Crisis

World hunger problem is getting more severe in the modern society, every 3.6 seconds a child dies because of hunger.

During the twenty-first century, “Can Asia feed itself” is one of the central questions. Of the world’s population of 7 billion, 3.6 billion – well over half – live in Asia. Nature can be bountiful. The rice fields of Asia have fed people and sustained civilizations for thousands of years. But natural bounty by itself is not enough. It has to be matched with human ingenuity.

More than 500 million get less than 2000 calories per day and live a life of permanent hunger. More than 150 million children under five years of age are severely underweight. This represents a third of the under-fives in the developing countries. 17 million children under five die each year and malnutrition contributes to at least a third of these deaths.