2017 A Single Grain of Rice

The theme of 2017 No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition is “a single grain of rice.”


A single grain of rice, a thousand drops of sweat. A single grain of rice could become hope of 800 million people in hunger; it could fill the expectations of 65 million refugees; it could be the starting point of environmental process; it could also make the world focus more on agriculture and peace.


According to the 2016 Hunger Report conducted by Bread for the World Institute, 13% of world population is living in the extreme hunger, compared with the 9% of that in the previous year. In the United States, the total population has sustainable growth each year while there were 5.6% of people with hunger in both 2013 and 2014, which indicates that the total hunger population is increasing every year and the food insecurity is a severe problem nationally as well as internationally. The percent of federal budget spent on food assistance in 2014 is 2.95%, and that rate is stably growing during this decade. The hunger and food insecurity finally induce a health issue. The same source also points out that the health care costs of hunger and food insecurity for one year (2014) in the United States are estimated at $160.7 billion, which is more than all annual state and federal spending on higher education.