2017 the Second No-Boundaries @ UN — Under 14

2017 "No-Boundaries" International Art Exhibition

at the United Nations Headquarters


2017 “No-Boundaries” International Art Exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters


The “No-Boundaries” International Youth Art Exhibition aims to build an annual international art exhibition for youth from all over the world. Every year we will invite famous artists and educators from Asia, America and Europe to be our critics. Through our exhibition and platform, we hope to provide a stage for young artists to learn from each other and express their thoughts about art. Social impact and support from the world encourage us to build “No-Boundaries” toward more educational and more professional paths. The theme of the 2017 “No-Boundaries” International Art Exhibition is a single grain of rice, focusing on world hunger and environmental concerns.


a. A Single Gran of Rice: 

A single grain of rice, a thousand drops of sweat. A single grain of rice could become the hope of 800 million people in hunger; it could fill the expectations of 65 million refugees; it could be the starting point of environmental progress; it could also make the world focus more on agriculture and peace. Pick up your paint brush, go with your inspirations. Let’s draw a bright blueprint of the world together!

b. Artists' Choice

Scenery-Wenwen Zhou

Schedule (International)

  • a. Collection Stage: 2017.01.05—2017.06.15
  • b. Evaluation: 2017.06.15—2017.06.30

Attendance shortlists could find at: http://www.noboundariesartshow.org and Official Public Wechat ART-UN


a.China Pre-Exhibition:

  • Time: May 6th-13th, 2017
  • Location: Columbia Global Center | Beijing

b.Final Exhibition:

  • Time: August 5th, 2017
  • Location: New York United Nations Headquarters

Participation Requirements

1. Participants in youth group will be divided into two sub-groups based on age:  High School Group and University Group

2. Painting Categories:

  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor
  • Chinese Painting
  • Gouache
  • Engraving

3. Photography Categories:

  • Scenery
  • Nature
  • Fine Art
  • Editorial
  • Architecture
  • People
  • Deeper Perspective

Required format:

  • Two Dimensional pieces must be 150CM (width) * 150CM (height)
  • Digital Pieces and Photography must be formatted as jpegs, have a resolution greater than 72dpi, fit within 200 KB to 5MB, and Pixel within 7500*7500

Registration for Exhibition Participants

  • Step1: Click Here to register
  • Step2: Wait for confirmation letter with more details.

Registration Fee: $25 or ¥160

(This is a non-profit event. The suggested admission fee starts at $25. Please pay more if you can. )

*Or request a registration form from your school or from the organization where you learned about us.

Registration for Guests

  • Step1: Click Here to register
  • Step2: Wait for confirmation letter with more details.

Admission Fee: $25

(This is a non-profit even. The suggested admission fee starts at $25. Please pay more if you can.)

*All guests must register to get a UN Pass to attend the event.