2019″A Drop of Water”

Water is constantly present in our lives, and closely linked to the environment, our lives, and human history. Water nourishes all beings; it lights up the environment, echoes the narration of mankind, and encourages the harmonious relationship between human and nature. Water is the source of life; it fosters living creatures and steers the development of mankind, allowing life to flourish. Water is the cradle of human civilization; it promotes history and boosts its continuous evolution.

What stories do you share with water? The 2019 No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition, themed ‘A Drop of Water’, invites you to create the painting of your heart.

A Drop of Water  

A Drop of Water ,  An Unstoppable Force of Nature

Water fosters nature, life and history, and bears the weight of the entire world.It is linked to us in so many ways that we can’t even begin to count them.

Water created the world 

It filled the desolate voids and transformed the plains into a verdant oasis

allowing the oceans to roar and the crops to flourish

Water nurtures the world 

It provides to all of God’s creations without prejudice

allowing the fertile Nile soil to lead tribes and clans into a new era of civilization

Water enlightens the world 

It’s kind and gentle, but little strokes fell great oaks

It wholeheartedly fosters the world while asking for nothing in return

Water educates the world 

Great waves sweep away the sand and embraces all that exists

It is tolerant, accepting, active, and joyful