2020 NOBO Five-Year Retrospective Exhibition

In 2020, NOBO is five years old. This year, the NOBO Committee, together with Columbia University Global Centers and other academic institutions, co-hosted the “2020 NO-BOundaries Five-Year Retrospective Exhibition”. We will invite children and young adults around the world to explore, think, and express through art and actions, and influence more people to pay attention to global topics, care about our society, and care for our world. 

About 2020 NO-BOundaries
Five-Year Retrospective Exhibition

Since its establishment, NOBO has been adhering to the purpose of “doing public welfare with art and be a global citizen”, leading children and young adults to participate in international public welfare projects and explore global topics. Under the guidance of “Imaging the Big from The Small”, each annual theme has inspired their artistic creativity and made them have a stronger sense of mission in participating in public welfare activities. During the submission, participants can choose one topic to create artwork. It can be one of four annual themes from 2016 to 2019 or any global topic that they care about.

  • 2016 No Boundaries
  • 2017 A Single Grain of Rice
  • 2018 One Tree, One City
  • 2019 A Drop of Water

In 2020 exhibition, we aim to witness the growth of NOBO participants in the past five years with educators all over the world. We hope to bring our young global citizens from all over the world together through the power of art education, and let the world hear the strong voices from the future generation.

Anticipated Achievements

  • You can receive professional suggestions and advice from experts. These experts in education and art come from notable academic institutions such as Columbia University, Beijing Normal University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, etc.
  • You can show yourself through an international education platform and express your views and share your stories to the world.
  • You can display artwork in world-class art museums and galleries, attending opening ceremonies and educational events, as well as interacting with peers from different countries.
  • You can learn about the micro-course designed by NOBO. Through the interpretation of annual themes, you will develop global awareness, a sense of public welfare, and social responsibility.
  • You will be presented “Humanitarian Certificate” and “Exhibition Certificate.” Your artwork will be included the NOBO Art Book and be published internationally. You can participate in our charity campaign and light up the NASDAQ and Thomson Reuters screens in Times Square through your art.

How to Register

For more information about application and requirements, please click here.

The Application Deadline is June 1, 2019.

For group registration and any other questions, please contact us at info@noboundariesartshow.org

Attention: NOBO plans to upgrade the submission system in mid-April 2020. This upgrade will not affect your uploaded registration data. More information will be announced on the official platform later. Please Participants keep an eye on the NOBO official website and social media platforms.

About NO-BOundaries

NO-BOundaries, also known as NOBO, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in New York City. The name “NO-BOundaries” originated from the concept that “Art has no boundaries.” NOBO aims to build an international educational and communication platform for global educators and kids, which is not restricted by nationality, culture, and language. The mission of NOBO is to promote future generations’ global awareness and social responsibility through art education resulting in an increase in socially responsible global citizens.

Every year, NOBO calls for submissions from children and young adults and delivers a Supplemental Curriculum under one specific theme that focuses on global issues. Through the platform of the Columbia Global Centers and the United Nations, NOBO has held international art exhibitions in China, the United States, France, Brazil, and Kenya for four consecutive years, in which more than 40,000 children from all over the world have participated.

NOBO encourages children and young adults around the world to explore, think, and represent the annual theme in an artistic way, while expressing their views on life and opinions about our society. NOBO hopes our next generations will take action and draw the public’s attention to global issues so that they may care about society. By working with educators all over the globe, NOBO expects to empower our next generation, influence the world, and to allow the power of education to change our future.