About No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition

No-Boundaries is a nonprofit organization based in New York City. It aims to enhance global awareness and social responsibility through visual art education programs for children and young adults.

In 2016 and 2017, No-Boundaries successfully hosted four art exhibitions at Columbia Global Centers | Beijing and the United Nations Headquarters, as well as eight public lectures at seven major universities in China.

The 2018 No-Boundaries Art Exhibition (NOBO) is organized by the No-Boundaries Committee, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing, and Columbia Global Centers | Paris and will showcase in Beijing, New York, and Paris. This year’s theme is “One Tree, One City.”


Our Mission

NOBO aims to use visual arts education to raise awareness of global issues and social responsibilities for young people around the world.

We want to cultivate socially responsible and caring global citizens who will be able to impact the future with nuanced perspectives.


Our Goal

NOBO is committed to encouraging youth participation in the arts and to improving their productivitycreativity, and imagination.

  • To Raise Global Awareness. We provide an international educational platform for children around the world to communicate with each other participate in significant cultural exchange. We aim to educate global citizens who are willing and eager to participate in a better future.
  • To Improve Social Responsibility. Through our extensive network of exhibitions and art by the world’s youngest citizens, we encourage our young artists to become more aware of themselves and their place in the increasingly globalized world. We hope that, through shared art, they learn to understand, respect, and cherish one another’s differences.
  • To Encourage Expression by Art. We believe in art as one of the world’s most effective communication tools; these exhibitions will promote the imagination, creativity, and productivity of our young artists.