Application Groups

  • Age Groups: Pre-school, Elementary Group A for 1st Grade to 3rd Grade, Elementary Group B for 4th Grade to 6th Grade, Junior High School, High School.
  • Regional Groups: China, the U.S., France, and others.


  • Materials: Painting, including gouache, watercolor, oil painting, Chinese painting, wood block painting, etc.

  • Size: The maximum size for each painting is 100CM x 100CM.

  • Each attendee is allowed to submit up to three artpieces.

How to apply?

  • Visit the official site: and click  “Application.”

  • Please note that the format for the files should be JPG. The minimum resolution requirement is 72dpi. The size of each file should be between 200KB and 5MB, within 7500×7500 pixel.

  • You will receive the confirmation letter from the No-Boundaries Committee within three working days.