Hello! Me and My Forbidden City-Elementary School

      The Forbidden City is a thick textbook that contains 600 years of history. It witnessed the rise and fall of the Ming and Qing empires, and encompasses each and every aspect of China’s fine culture – from the imperial system, rituals, and etiquettes to architecture, clothes, and accessories. By taking the Forbidden City-themed course (offered in both Chinese and English), children around the world will be able to take a virtual stroll along with the towering palaces and gain a better understanding of the history and culture of the Forbidden City. They might even discover a secret or two!


    This 12-week course, “Hello! me and the Forbidden City”, will depict what life in the Forbidden City used to be like. Through contemporary eyes, the course will explain the architecture, culture, and design of the Forbidden City, and help children discover its magnificent traditions and aesthetic details.


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