2017 No-Boundaries@UN – Youth -old

2017 Second “No Boundaries” International Youth Art Exhibition STARTS!


“No Boundaries” International Youth Art Exhibition aims to build annual international art exhibition for youth from all over the world. Every year we will invite famous artists and educators from Asia, America and Europe to be our critics. Through our exhibition and platform, we hope to provide a stage for young artists to learn from each other and express their thoughts about art. Well social impact and support from the world encourage us to build “No Boundaries” toward more educational and more professional way. 2017 “No Boundaries” International Youth Art Exhibition is themed by a single grain of rice, focusing on hunger people and environment problem.

Theme “ A Single grain of rice”

A single grain of rice, hundred drops of sweet. A single grain of rice could become the hope of 8 hundred million hunger people, could be the expectation of 65 million refugee, could be the start point of environment enhancement and could make the world focus more on the agriculture, peace and environment. Pick up your pain and draw with your inspiration to paint the bright world blueprint altogether!

Ages Setting:

Junior: Elementary Group, Middle School Group;

Youth: High School Group, University Group

Art Exhibition Location Setting:

China: Shanghai Art Museum (Plan), England Pre-Exhibition

United States: before the final exhibition of United Nations, selected artworks of each country will display in Columbia University

Judge Committee Setting:

On the basis of 2016 Judge Committee Member, more international artists will join “No Boundaries” Judge Committee