NO-BOundaries”A Drop of Water” Charity Exhibition Once Again Landing in Europe -Kicking off in Paris


“A Drop of Water” 

The Third stop of Five Countries Tour-Paris Station

Opens November 30th

 At Columbia University Global Centers | Paris

“A Drop of Water” The Third Stop of the Five Countries Tour @ Paris, France

On November 30th, 2019, “The Fourth NO-BOundaries International Art Exhibition” themed “A Drop of Water” landed in Europe again, bringing “Droplets” to the romantic and charming Paris, France.

As the third stop of this year’s five countries tour, nearly a hundred paintings created by youth from 15 countries are on display at Columbia Global Centers | Paris. The expressions of the paintings on display are various, including Chinese ink drawing, printmaking, watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage and comprehensive materials, etc. These colorful works not only reflect the characteristics and self-cognition of young artists, but also response with the audience on an emotional level, trigging our passion towards art.

Exterior of Columbia Global Centers | Paris

Joelle Theubet, the Communications Officer of Columbia Global Centers | Paris, and Baitong Yan, the Founder of NO-BOundaries attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, presenting certificates to the participating artists in France. Ms. Baitong Yan, the Founder and Curator of NO-BOundaries, introduce the theme of the fourth NO-BOundries International Art Exhibitions to the guests and artists at the grand opening. She shared the highlights of the first two stops of the exhibitions in New York and Beijing accordingly. Besides, Ms.Yan also led the audience to review the first three exhibitions of NO-BOundaries International Art Tour. She said that next year will be the fifth year of NO BOundaries, the community hopes to continue to lead everyone and explore more through art education and interdisciplinary education.

Ms. Baitong Yan, the Founder of NO-BOundaries interacts with the children at the scene.
Exhibition site

Art workshops were also held at the exhibition site, which lead the youth and children at the opening ceremony to “interact and exchange” with the theme and artworks of the exhibition. A perfect exhibition for children to learn while playing, it attracted the enthusiastic participation and attention from the audience and children.

Art education activities at the opening ceremony
Art education activities at the opening ceremony

At the exhibition site, the young artists not only saw part of the physical works from 15 countries across the nation but also enjoyed more excellent works in the printed album,appreciated youth and children from all over the world using different artistic languages to express their views on “A Drop of Water”, as well as their perception of beauty and rich imagination. Artists at the scene were delighted to see their artwork published on the album.

Artist found her work in the album
Artist with her artwork in the album

Artworks from “A Drop of Water" will appear in Paris' children magazine——BAIKA.

This year we will cooperate with BAIKA, a famous children’s magazine in Paris. Children’s artworks from  “A Drops of Water”  will have the opportunity to be published in “BAIKA” magazine and sharing the story of “A Drop of Water” with more people.

The Next Stop of the "A Drop of Water" Five Countries Art Exhibitions Tour -Nairobi, Kenya.

The exhibition in Paris will continue until December 14th. NO-BOundaries Community will continue to take “Droplets” acrossing the European continent, along through the equator, then reach Kenya’s capital- Nairobi.“Droplets ” paintings will visit more places to convey the idea of “promoting charity through art and be a ‘global citizen’”.