Notice on the Adjustment of the 2020 NO-BOundaries Five-year Retrospective

The NO-BOundaries committee expresses sincere solicitude to all the teaching units, teachers, students and parents concerned about the NO-BOundaries International Art Exhibition, and we hope everyone will be in good health.

Considering the influence of the global epidemic, the committee of the NO-BOundaries, after much deliberation, determined to temporarily delay or cancel the launch of the 2020 NO-BOundaries Five-year Retrospective, and suspend scheduled for the the 2020 NO-BOundaries Five-year Retrospective which was to be held at the gallery of Beijing Normal University and at the Macy Museum of Teachers College, Columbia University. If there is any update on the event schedule, the committee will immediately release the updated information on the official media platform of NO-BOundaries International Art Exhibition.

With the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention measures and the unremitting efforts of the frontline “anti-epidemic” personnel, we are getting closer and closer to the moment of victory. At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of epidemic may have disrupted your plans. Perhaps it provides you with a place to think; Maybe it took you through a baptism of thought; Perhaps you have reform your understanding of the meaning of words like “duty”, “responsibility” and “courage”; Maybe it shows you human natures…

Zichun Huang

In the face of such a special “situation”, we might as well guide children to learn to think in adversity, to learn to “show respect for nature” and “cherish life”, to re-understand “mission”, “responsibility” and “courage”, and to think about “growing up to be what kind of person”, “how to become a citizen of the world” and so on. We believe that the experience of this period will help children to understand their duties and responsibilities when they grow up to be the guardians of the future world.

“Citizen of the world is the identity of our generation,” Mark Zuckerberg,  the founder of Facebook, told the Harvard graduates in his commencement address at Harvard University in 2017. No one is an island. In our society, as a citizen of the world, none of us is an independent being, and each of us has a close connection with the world. In the face of the epidemic, all human beings are a “party”, and all countries in the world should help each other to tide over the difficulties.

In this process, the young citizens of the world from NO-BOundaries also expressed their views and recorded the warm moments of fighting against the epidemic with brushes and sincerity, words and thoughts, art and actions, and paid tribute to the frontline “anti-epidemic” personnel. 

Ziwei Huang
Yawen Sun
Xin Zhu

NO-BOundaries welcomes you to share with us the thoughts and views of the young citizens of the world. We encourage children to face and solve our common challenges with a positive attitude, and to fulfill the mission entrusted to us by this society and this era. NO-BOundaries also hopes to continuously use the power of art to encourage more youth and children to care about the society and the world, and to grow up to be the citizens of the world with a heart of public welfare.