Online Application-2020

When to Apply?

Application Topics

  • No Boundaries
  • A Single Grain of Rice
  • One Tree One City
  • A Drop of Water
  • A Global Topic You Care About

        Please select one of the five topics above.

Application Groups

  • Age Groups: Pre-school, Elementary Group A for 1st Grade to 3rd Grade, Elementary Group B for 4th Grade to 6th Grade, Junior High School, High School.
  • Regional Groups: China, the U.S., France, Kenya, Brazil and others.


  • Materials: Painting, including gouache, watercolor, oil painting, Chinese painting, wood block painting, etc.
  • Size: The maximum size for each painting is 100CM x 100CM.
  • Each attendee is allowed to submit up to three artpieces.

How to Apply?

  • Visit the official site: and click  “Application.”
  • Please note that the format for the files should be JPG. The minimum resolution requirement is 72dpi. The size of each file should be between 200KB and 5MB, within 7500×7500 pixel.
  • After submitting your online application, you will see “You successfully submitted! Thank you for your participation.”

When to Apply?

  • Please submit your art works from  Jan, 2020 to 1st, June, 2020.
  • If you have any problems submitting your application form on this page, please submit your art works through this link instead.

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Terms and Conditions

A. We will be accepting submissions for year’s No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the NOBO) between January, 2020 and June 1, 2020 (Eastern Standard Time); B. This year’s Exhibition is open to children and teenagers between preschool and high school. Participants must abide by the rules of the NOBO Committee. Individuals should submit their artworks directly, and groups should submit their artworks collectively; C. Incomplete or unclear submissions of applications and required information will not be accepted; D. The selected artworks will be a part of the exhibition held in China. Participants are responsible for any courier expenses. You will be responsible for your travel arrangements to the opening ceremony, exhibitions, or any meetings. E. All artworks must reflect the theme of the exhibition with no restrictions on style. NOBO Committee will not be accepting any submissions and related documents that do not meet the rules and requirements of this year’s Exhibition. F. All submitting participants must agree to the following: a. the artist reserves all rights to his/her submitted artworks; b. the NOBO Committee reserves the permanent right to exhibit or publicize all or part of an artwork on media outlets; c. the artist should not seek any reward for artworks used to promote the Exhibition or other activities, including promotion through digital media and the internet; d. the NOBO Committee reserves publication right; e. the NOBO Committee reserves the right to use the artwork and the artwork image in the Benefit Auction, and produce art derivatives based on the artwork image. G. After the exhibition, artworks will be collected by the NOBO committee for future exhibitions; H. During the event, participating exhibitors may not request or accept any form of sponsorship from organizations or individuals without the consent of the NOBO committee. I. Submissions must be completed independently by the submitting artist, who has independent, complete, clear and uncontested copyrights. In addition, artworks must not infringe on any third person’s copyrights, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights or other legal rights. Exhibitors shall bear all legal responsibility pertaining to issues such as copyright infringement and controversy. J. The organizer will not be responsible or compensate for any damages caused by accidents such as weather and fire during the exhibition, transportation or storage. Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to purchase insurance for their artworks; K. All submissions will be examined by the academic committee, whose decision is final. The academic committee is required to make decisions based solely on artistic stand, without any prejudice, preference or political position. L. The NOBO committee reserves the final right of interpretation for the terms and conditions.