No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition:fostering the sense of responsibility and global citizenship of children and youth

No-Boundaries International Art Exhibitionfostering the sense of responsibility and global citizenship of children and youth


The Third No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition will host the opening ceremony for its Beijing exhibition on July 21, 2018 at Columbia Global Centers | Beijing. Wei Zhen, Professor of Beijing Normal University’s School of Arts and Communications and Director of Beijing Normal University Gallery, together with NOBO founder Baitong Yan will co-curate the exhibition, presenting the depictions of the “One Tree, One City” theme by children and adolescents from 15 countries.


Themed as “One Tree, One City”, this year’s No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition focuses on public welfare: observing the life and energy of trees; celebrating the grandeur and colors of life; emphasizing the interconnectivity of our lives and trees; leading children to explore the relationship between city and nature. Children’s artworks are full of artistic flames with unique thinking. They illustrated their observations and appreciations for the environment and showed us their love for this world via art.


On the day of the opening ceremony, Xin Peng, Executive Director and CFO of Columbia Global Centers, Dr. Portia Williams, Executive Director of International Affairs at Teachers College Columbia University, Professor Yunlan He, renowned artist and former Director of China Artist Association’s Children’s Art Committee, and Professor Wei Zhen of Beijing Normal University’s School of Arts will attend the opening ceremony as NOBO consultants. Xiamen Star’s Chief Broadcasting Officer and Chief Announcer Dan Mou will be the announcer for the opening ceremony. More presenters and forum guests will be announced.


This year’s exhibition consists of:

Little World Exhibit

Displays artworks of children from more than 15 countries including China, USA, France, Kenya, Brazil, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Iran, Greece, Russia, South Korea, and Japan. There are few art exhibitions that showcase artworks of children from so many countries, making it an excellent a rare learning experience.


China Exhibit

Displays excellent artworks from all over China. Exhibits come from northwest China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region to Heilongjiang Province in the country’s northeast part, from southwest China’s Yunnan Province to Guangdong Province in the south.


E-World Exhibition

Using an innovative exhibition mode, the E-World Exhibition displays artworks by children around the world digitally.


Beijing Normal University Picture Book Education Exhibit

The 2018 Beijing Normal University Picture Book Education, with the “One Tree, One City” theme shared with NOBO, to collect picture book creations from more than 60 schools affiliated with Beijing Normal University and 300,000 elementary students of the Universities in Elementary School Art Development Initiative. Selected works will be exhibited at a sub-exhibition during Third NOBO’s five-country tour. This sub-exhibition will be co-sponsored by Beijing Normal University’s School of Arts and Communications and Division for Cooperation in Basic Education, as well as the NOBO Committee.


Mind of No Boundaries Exhibit

In 2018, NOBO established the Mind of No Boundaries Exhibit, partnering with WABC Accessible Art to collect artworks from special populations to achieve “Art is No-Boundaries” on different levels. People’s Daily reported that NOBO’s UN exhibition of artworks created by those of special populations “breaks walls and boundaries, paving a smoother path of art for all children.” This exhibition is co-sponsored by the NOBO Committee and WABC Accessible Art, an organization that devotes itself to providing art services to those with special needs. This exhibit aims to help the public understand and accept the artistic talents of the special populations, building a diverse, harmonious, and positive social atmosphere.