NO-BOundaries, also known as NOBO, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in New York City. NOBO is founded by Ms. Baitong Yan, a graduate from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2016. The name “NO- BOundaries” originated from the concept that “Art has no boundaries.” NO-BOundaries aims to build an international educational and communication platform for children and young adults as well as educators, which is not restricted by nationality, culture, and language. The mission of NO-BOundaries is to promote future generations’ global awareness and social responsibility through art education and hone  in socially responsible global citizens.

Every year, No-Boundaries calls for submissions from children and young adults and delivers a Supplemental Curriculum under one specific theme that focuses on global issues. Through the platform of the Columbia Global Centers and the United Nations, NO-BOundaries has held international art exhibitions in China, the United States, France, Brazil, and Kenya for four consecutive years, in which more than 40,000 children from all over the world have participated.

NOBO encourages children and young adults around the world to explore, think, and represent the annual theme in an artistic way, while expressing their views on life and opinions on our society. NOBO hopes our next generations will take action and draw the public’s attention to global issues and let them care about society. By working with educators all over the globe, NOBO expects to make the power of our next generation influence the world and to let the power of education change our future.

Our Mission

NO-BOundaries aims to promote future generations’ global awareness and social responsibility through art education and hone in socially responsible global citizens.

Our Vison

To build a network to make the most of the power of arts to enrich the environment and human wellbeing throughout the world.

Our Goal

  • To Raise Global Awareness

    We provide an international educational platform for children and teenagers around the world to communicate with each other as well as participate in significant cultural exchange.

  • To Improve Social Responsibility

    Through our extensive exhibition network and artworks created by young citizens around the world, we aspire to encourage our young artists to become more aware of themselves and their roles in this increasingly globalized world.

  • To Encourage Expression by Art

    We believe that art is one of the world’s most effective tools of communication. These exhibitions will hone the imagination, inspire creativity, and promote the productivity of our young artists.