Hello! My Forbidden City-未用

Hello! My Forbidden City

2020 is your 600th anniversary

You have come from afar to witness the splendor of the entire Chinese culture

Architecture, history, culture, art…

You bring us the precious treasures of human culture

Whether you are a Chinese who grew up overseas, 

a student studying in a student studying abroad, 

or a foreign friend who loves Chinese culture.

You can make a record of this important moment in your own way.

Using Art to create a new annotation for the 600 years of the Forbidden City.

For the next 600 years

It starts right here

Hello! My Forbidden City!

Hello! My Forbidden City!

        2020 is a significant year for China, which is that the Palace Museum has established for 600 years. It’s an important time to make the world to know and to be with us to witness the glorious time for the human culture. As the world’s precious cultural heritage, the Forbidden City has experienced 600 years of circulation since its establishment, witnessed the prosperity and development of Chinese culture, and continued to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The Palace Museum has its unique value in many dimensions such as history, architecture, clothing. The cultural diversity of the Palace Museum has an irreplaceable position as a starting point of children and youth globally to understand Chinese culture. NO-BOundaries as the event’s oversea organizer, together with the sponsor “Me and My Palace Museum” a Children’s Art Creative organizing committee.  This event is aimed worldwide at children between the ages of 4 to 18 (excluding mainland China). Through a variety of activities such as online courses, workshops and touring exhibitions about the Forbidden City, this event will lead children to a comprehensive understanding of the magnificent splendor of the Forbidden City, as well as the history and culture behind it.

        The Forbidden City is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture. It has experienced ups and downs for 600 years, and has kept us countless cultural and artistic treasures, from the wooden structure building, precious collections to a range of ethnic cultures reflected in the palace culture. This process of change is what we as Chinese children should protect and inherit. Children who participate in this art event can learn the relevant professional courses of the Forbidden City; their work will receive comments and guidance from education experts, and they have the opportunity to be selected in a commemorative album. Whether you are a Chinese who grew up overseas, a student studying abroad, or a foreign friend who loves Chinese culture, you can make a record of this important moment in your own way and use art to create a new annotation for the 600 years of the Forbidden City.

Event Highlights

1. All applicants will receive an e-certificate of participation

2. Experts of the Forbidden City and international professional review

3. Commemorative album of 600 shortlisted artists

4. Touring exhibitions between Beijing, Shanghai, New York and other cities

5. Won the title of “Forbidden City Cultural Envoy”

6. Free online courses of the Forbidden City in both Chinese and English

How to Participate


Children and youth aged from 2 to 18 (except in mainland China).

Preschool age: 4-6 years old

Primary School Group A: 7-9 years old

Primary School Group B: 10-12 years old

Secondary School: 13-18 years old

To Apply

       To celebrates the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City, submit the artworks based on the theme of “Hello! Me and my Forbidden City”.  Such as the Palace Museum Collection, Forbidden City architecture, landscapes, characters, costumes, the Forbidden City ’s past, future, present … etc. Things that can reflect the unique understanding of the Forbidden City as overseas Chinese, foreign students, and foreign youths who love Chinese culture


     All submissions will be submitted electronically. Works on display will not be returned. Selected exhibitors are required to mail their works to the organizing committee office in New York or Beijing within the specified time. The organizing committee will be responsible for the transportation costs of the works during the exhibition (except for the three-dimensional works).


      The Copyright of the selected works belongs to the organizer, and the author has the right of authorship. The organizer has the right to retain the work and use it in related activities (including exhibition, publicity, publication, production of derivatives, etc.) without additional remuneration.


Basic registration fee is 30 USD per work

Participation fee is 100 USD per work.

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