Job Opening

We are seeking visual communication & exhibition design specialist, brand cooperation & business development specialist, part-time illustrator/designer and a few interns to support the program. We are looking forward to you joining us.

Positions and Content

1.Visual Communication & Exhibition Design Specialist


-Cooperate with the exhibition and curatorial team to complete the visual creation and execution of the exhibitions as required; Responsible for the graphic design of exhibitions and education activities (such as posters, brochures, invitations, guidebooks, souvenirs, web pages, etc.);

-Responsible for developing Visual Identity System of NO-BOundaries;

-Assist the communication manager with the daily operation of the social platforms, such as WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, and Instagram;

-Responsible for UI design and visual management of the website and app

-Responsible for the selection, implementation, and supervision of the materials of printed matters and cultural and creative products, etc.;

-Assist the curators in organizing and archiving the exhibition documents, materials, and pictures;

-Assist the curator in designing PPTs and portfolios and completing all kinds of visual affairs.


-Bachelor’s degree in Design, Fine Art, Art Education, or related field is required;

-Interested in the children education area and have a certain understanding of the exhibition industry;

-1-3 years or above graphic design experience; proficient in PS, AI, ID, PR and other related software; proficient in Microsoft office software; basic knowledge of web design;

-Strong design management and project supervision ability, able to independently complete the internal and external communication of the project;

-Deep understanding of visual communication, able to interpret the visual language of No-Boundaries exhibitions, activities, publicity, websites, picture albums, and other tasks;

-Excellent communication, coordination, organization, management, and learning ability;

-High sense of responsibility and good team spirit; friendly and patient;

-Prefer applicants with experience in the exhibition or art education industry, as well as good English writing and speaking skills;

-Working experience in non-profit organizations is a plus.

2.Brand & Business Development Specialist


-Responsible for the in-depth collaboration between No-Boundaries and other brands, expanding new projects, exploring and promoting new cooperation models;

-Responsible for collecting marketing resources, investigating industry trends, and working with the team to develop and implement brand cooperation plans

-Maintain the partners, optimize the collaboration result and the effective communication between No-Boundaries and partners through the project process;

-Responsible for establishing a database of potential partners according to brand positioning and development requirements.


-Bachelor degree in Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, Business Management or related fields is required, interested in culture, arts and children education;

-Agree with No-Boundaries’s cultural concept and willing to work with us in the long run;

-At least 3 years working experience in communication, marketing, public relations, or sponsorship;

-Great executive ability and sense of responsibility, able to take charge of work independently with excellent communication skills;

-Excellent project planning and management abilities;

-Excellent Chinese and English communication skills;

-Overseas education background or working experience in a non-profit organization is a plus.

3.Part-time Illustrator/Designer


-Responsible for the design of No-Boundaries social platforms, including WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram; 

-Assist in the content design and editing of articles published on No-Boundaries’ website and social platforms (3-4 articles per week);

-Assist in the graphic design to promote No-Boundaries exhibitions and education activities, including but not limited to posters, corporate brochures, picture albums, long graphics and text, H5 web pages, etc.;

-Assist the curator to edit PPTs and profolios and complete all kinds of visual affairs;


-Intersted in children education, art education and charity affairs, 

-Bachelor’s degree in fine art, design, or related fields is required; current students and fresh graduates are also qualified.

-Solid design skills, the hand-drawn ability is preferred, proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and other design software;

-Deep understanding of visual communication, able to interpret the visual language of the No-Boundaries exhibitions and education activities;

-Willing to take new challenges, have imagination, creativity, and a good sense of teamwork;

-Passionate about art and have excellent aesthetic sense;

-Experience in operating social media platforms is a plus; familiar with article editing software for WeChat official account is preferred.



-Assist the communication manager in writing and editing articles on No-Boundaries’ social platform

-Assist the communication manager writing press relations of No-Boundaries exhibitions and education activities;

-Assist in updating and maintaining the database of No-Boundaries, including relevant information of partners, media, educational institutions, participants, etc.

-Assist in the development of No-Boundaries’s online courses and workshops;

-Assist in maintaining daily communication and coordination with No-Boundaries’ group participants;

-Assist curator to organize exhibitions and related activities and provide on-site support;

-Support the whole team and perform other related duties.


-Work at least three days a week with at least three-month committement;

-Passionate about children education, art education, and charity affairs;

-Experience in operating social media platforms, such as WeChat official account, microblog, website, etc., is preferred;

-Proficient in graphic design and video editing software is preferred;

-Outstanding writing skills in Chinese and English is a plus;