Pre-application-Hello! My Forbidden City!

You need a google account/email to unlock online courses. If you do not have one, please go to to register before filling this form. 您需要一个谷歌账号/邮箱用于解锁线上课程。如果你没有。请在填写本表单前前往注册谷歌邮箱。
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Price: $ 49.00
The registration fee includes access to “Hello! Me and My Forbidden City” online courses and application. 课程注册费包括学习线上课程和投稿。
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Course Registration Agreement and Instructions 课程注册协议及指南

1. “Hello! My Forbidden City” includes two phases: pre-application and application. In the first phase, participants register through the pre-application form and pay the fee. Participant will receive a confirmation email, including A. a series of “Hello! Me and My Forbidden City” online video courses B. a series of “Hello! Forbidden City” online video/audio course C. Official application link within three business days after they submit the pre-application form. 2. Please ensure to provide your accurate google email with us to receive the following important information. We will share “Hello! Me and My Forbidden City!” online courses as private videos through Youtube with participants. More detailed instructions will be included in the confirmation email. 3. We highly encourage our participants to complete the pre-application part as soon as possible, saving enough time to learn courses before submitting the final artworks. 4. The copyrights of the “Hello! Me and My Forbidden City” and “Hello! My Forbidden City” courses belong to the course designer. You cannot copy, reproduce, broadcast, distribute, publish, and use the content commercially. 5. The NOBO committee reserves the final right of interpretation for the terms and conditions. 1.“你好呀!故宫!”活动包括两个阶段:预报名和投稿阶段。在第一阶段,投稿者将通过预报名注册表单进行注册并支付费用。投稿者将会在注册成功后的三个工作日内收到确认邮件,邮件中包括:A.”Hello!我和我的故宫“系列视频课程 B.“你好呀!故宫”系列音频/视频课程 C.上传作品链接。 2.为了接受重要信息,请确保向我们提供正确的谷歌邮箱。我们将会通过YouTube隐私视频的方式向投稿者分享课程。更多细则详见确认邮件。 3.我们强烈建议您尽早完成预报名注册,以保证足够的时间学习课程和上传作品。4.”Hello!我和我的故宫“和“你好呀!故宫”课程版权归课程设计方所有,任何人不可以“Hello!我和我的故宫”课程版权归课程研发方所有,您不能将课程内容复制、重制、转播、分发、发布,商业使用。5.NOBO无界组委会对本次活动的条款和申明保有最终解释权。